Project 64 FAQ and INFO

Dox Questions

  1. Why etext only and no graphics?
    Project 64 concentrates on electronic *text*. We want to keep the dox at the lowest possible common denominator, plain old vanilla ascii text with no special chars so it could be read on *any* platform.
    Eventhough there are some files in PDF, DOC and similar format, we want to stick to TXT for future additions.

    PLEASE submit non-text documents to e.g.

  2. Why English only?
    This is obsolete now. Any language working properly in ascii text files can be submitted.
    We are working on including International Project 64 which hosts non-English versions so far.

  3. Where is the document I used to link to?
    It should still be here :)
    Whenever possible the old .ZIP files were unpacked and raw .TXT is provided now. This might have led to changes on upper/lower casing or the name completely even.

    We dropped support for Amiga, C16/+4 and VIC-20 nevertheless!
    About TEN documents were deleted from direct web access.
    *IF* you really need the original files from Dean Thompson's Project 64 site you can download a complete mirror package at .

Project Info

Hope that Helps.