Project 64 History


For some unknown masochistic reason the team took over the Project 64 content from the mirror which Ruud Baltissen was hosting since 2018 to probably further extend the document archive.

Some small changes were made to the site content by unpacking ZIPs to provide them in their original format and dropping support for Amiga, C16/+4 and VIC-20 as they were underrepresented anyhow.
New submissions will support long filenames but we will be sticking to ASCII to maintain searchability and allow our beloved Commodores to read most of the files with a SEQ-file reader. :)

iDOC= documents will be added here soon as well - whenever we sorted out the list of old entries and updated some entries with an etext ID, etc.

Stay tuned!


Project64 @ has a short description on how things happened, accompanied by this lemon64 thread.
Before the original Project64 site went down around 2015 it was maintained with new content until 2004.

In the dark ages...

Here is the original history - of course in etext style :)
History of the Project 64 Website - By Dean Thompson (04-05-2001)

Chris Berneburg started the site in 1995
First Doc was the ISEPIC user's manual, completed during June 1995

On 29/08/1998 Chris Berneburg moved P64 to Geocities (lost some docs?)
His post to comp.sys.cbm:
"Hi Folks!

Just thought I'd let you know that Project 64 will sometime be moving
from Compuserve to Geocities. I ran out of space on Compuserve last
week and have started moving some stuff over. The old URL is
The new address should be something like"

On 21/09/1998 Chris Berneburg moved P64 to Hat Rack's Server
His post to comp.sys.cbm:

"Special thanks to Sir Rufus the Hat Rack (Hack Rat) etc for hosting
Project 64! You can find us at Compuserve was
getting to be too much of a pain and too expensive for me so I have
changed ISPs. With the new location I have a lot more space. Again,
thanks Hat and all you other folks who let me know what you thought
about Geocities. :-)"

Kenneth Crouch (Hat Rack) Took Over 15/11/1998 
Chris's Post to c.s.cbm:
"Hi Folks...

Well, this has been difficult for me to do, but I have finally reached
the conclusion that I no longer have the time to devote to Project 64
and have decided to give my beloved Project away. Many folks have
helped me during the last three and a half years in my desire to serve
you, people of the Commodore community, folks like the following:

- - Peter Karlsson for helping me with TOK64, providing documents, and
starting International Project 64

- - Frank Kontros for all his cheerfulness, *tons* of document
and the two editions of the C64 User Guide (plus other texts)

- - Ville Muikkula for his hard work for transcribing the C64
Programmer's Reference Guide

- - Marko Makela for his support from FUNET

- - Ray Carlson for answering hardware questions when I didn't have a
clue and for providing Commodore Diagnostics

- - Russell Reed, Dohi, Alex Slater, Adam Lorentzon, Paul David Doherty
and his PreCAP project, Matthias Jaap, Klaus G. Bobacz, Adam
Lorentzon, Evin Mulron, Eero J.  Uusitalo, Martin Brunner, Dominic
Holmes, Jeffrey Fabrizio, Domgrief, Vincent, Robert Schultz, Volker
Detering, Damien John Gick, Ike Miller, Steve Varner, Kevin Smith, The
Morbid Guy and his Atari collection, Fandango, Jeff Lodoen, and
others, for all those documents!

Most recently I would like to thank Sir Rufus the Hat Rack for hosting
the new site when I ran out of room at Compuserve, and it is to him
that I have decided to give Project 64. So please help him as you have
helped me, and hopefully he can do a better job of managing the
Project that I started, and help it to grow. Thanks!"

Aparantly during the period that Ken had the site, may people submitted docs and they
were never added to the site. Sadly, these docs have been lost.

Dean Thompson took over on 03 Sept 1999 due to Ken's lack of time for the page.
Dean combined it with his own docs page, Project Commodore, and changed the
layout of the page. He also included a category for Amiga docs. Updates to the page
became less frequent (because Dean incorrectly presumed that people were no longer
interested due the dwindling amount of docs being sent in) until late 2000/early 2001
when members of the C= community decided (incorrectly!) that the page was no
longer being maintained. Afar a flame war on comp.sys.cbm :) Dean resumed frequent
work on the site and gave the page a new layout (which was actually in progress
before the C= community made its move...). 

If you believe any of this info is wrong/biased :) or if something needs to be added
please e-mail me.