Project64 Peripherals

Drives, Printers, Monitors, Cartridges and other extensions

Parent DirectoryHardware
warpspeed.txtCinemaware Warp Speed Accelerator
vic1541.pdfCommodore 1541 Disk Drive User's Guide, (VIC-version, PDF)
supersnap5.docSuper Snapshot 5 Manual
soundsampler.txtCommodore Sound Sampler
soundexpander.txtCommodore Sound Expander Manual
snapshot4manual.txtSuper Snapshot 4 Manual
se64eng.txtSuper Expander 64 Cartridge manual
promos.zipPromenade C1 EPROM Programmer - PROMOS 2.0 Manual (FIXME - horrible archive)
promo.zipPromenade C1 EPROM Programmer - PROMOS 2.0 software (FIXME - horrible archive)
mps801.txtMPS-801 Printer Manual
minimodem.txtMinimodem Manual
magicvoice.txtCBM Magic Voice cartridge
mach5f10.txtMach5 fast-loader cartridge
jiffydosqr.txtJiffyDOS quick reference card
isepic10.txtISEPIC user's manual
freezm10.txtFreeze Machine cartridge instructions
dqbbhtml.zipDouble Quick Brown Box Manual (HTML)
dqbb.txtDouble Quick Brown Box Manual (TXT)
dqbb-dox.docDouble Quick Brown Box Manual (DOC)
dolphindos.txtDolphin Dos Manual
comal.pdfCOMAL Reference Guide - supplied by Midnight Son
com1541.pdfCommodore 1541 Disk Drive User's Guide, 1st ed. (PDF)
cassette.pdfC2N Cassette Unit Operating Instructions (PDF)
c64cpm.pdfCommodore 64 CP/M Operating System manual - supplied by Midnight Son
c2n10.txtC2N Cassette Unit Operating Instructions
aprospand.txtAproSpand-64 port replicator manual
anat1541.pdfAnatomy of the 1541
Witty Mouse C-400.txtWitty Mouse C-400 manual
WTPARA10.TXTW&T Parallel-Interface manual
SIMBQR10.TXTSimon's Basic Quick Reference Card
RAMBOard1571.txtRAMBOard 1571 installation manual, for PDF version, schematics and RAMBOard info see Wolfgang's webpage
MagicFormel.txtMagic-Formel Cartridge Manual
MagicFormel.rtfMagic-Formel Cartridge Manual (paged RTF)
KCSPWR10.TXTKCS Power Cartridge
FC310.TXTFinal Cartridge III Manual
ExpertCartridgeV41.txtExpert Cartridge Manual (V4.1)
Expert Cartridge Manual.txtExpert Cartridge Manual (V3.1)
EPXFLC10.TXTEpyx Fast Load Cartridge Instruction Manual
DigiDOS.txtDigiDOS manual
DATFORTH.TXTDatatronic VIC-FORTH and C64-FORTH Notes (not official manual)
CT6410.txtComTALKER 64 speech synthesizer manual
BI-80.txtBI-80 80 column cartridge
AR6PRO12.TXTAction Replay MK VI Professional manual
2002 schematic.zip2002 monitor schematics
1902 schematic.zip1902 monitor schematics
1802v10.txtCommodore 1802 monitor User's manual
1750CL10.TXTSuper 1750 Clone User's Guide
1702V10.TXTCommodore 1702 Color Video Monitor Users Manual
1701 schematic.zip1701 monitor schematics
1700re10.txt1700/1750 RAM Expansion Module User's Guide
1670modm.txt1670 Modem Manual
1581D11.TXTCommodore 1581 Disk Drive User's Guide
1571D10.TXTCommodore 1571 Disk Drive User's Guide
1541FL10.TXT1541 Flash! Instruction Manual
1541D10A.TXTCommodore 1541 Disk Drive User's Guide, 1st ed.
1351MS11.TXT1351 Mouse User's manual
1084s schematic.zip1084s schematics (390K , PNG images)
1084s Monitor.txt1084s Monitor manual
1084p schematics.zip1084p schematics (680k, PNG images)
1084power supply schematic.zip1084power supply schematics (680k, PNG images)
154MAP10.TXT1541 Drive Memory Maps
154DIS10.TXT1541 ROM Disassembly - based on Marko's HTML version
64forthm.zip64-FORTH for the C64
4dip1670.txt1670 Dip Switch Settings
1stputil.zipOne-Step Utility Cartridge Manual (in HTML, DOC and TXT formats)
0C-118NManual.zipOC-118N Floppy Drive Manual