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Manuals and Maps - for some players.

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Maps/Maps, codes and keyboard controls for various games
ZYNAPS10.TXTZynaps instructions
zybex10.txtZybex manual (Atari Version)
zuuman.txtZork the Undiscovered Underground
ZORK110.TXTZork I background docs
ZORK210.TXTZork II background docs
ZORK310.TXTZork III background docs
ZRANG10A.TXTZone Ranger help file
ZOIDS10.TXTZoids manual
Zigzag.txtZigzag instructions
Zeppelin.txtZeppelin instructions
zenji20.txtZenji instructions and help file
zakmck10.txtZak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders also has maze maps (DOC) and a Mexico/Aztec Temple/Mayan maze map
zakvisa.txtZak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders Exit Visa Codes or as graphics
Zak McKracken-solution2.txtZak McKracken-solution2
Zak McKracken-solution1.txtZak McKracken-solution1
YAK10.TXTYak's Progress [Attack of the Mutant Camels, Matrix, Laser Zone, Hover Bovver, Revenge of the Mutant Camels, Sheep in Space, Metagalactic Llamas, Ancipital]
XOUT10.TXTX-Out manual
Wrestling_Superstars.txtWrestling Superstars manual
WRESTM10.TXTWrestleMania manual
wrathd10.txtWrath of the Demon manual
worldg10.txtWorld Games manual
World Championship Squash.txtWorld Championship Squash instructions
WIZBAL10.TXTWizball manual
Wizardry Spells.txtWizardry spell book
Wizardry Manual.txtWizardry manual and a bunch of maps
WizofWor.txtWizard of Wor
WIZPRI10.TXTWizard and the Princess manual
wizcro10.txtWizard's Crown manual
winss10.txtWinter Supersports
wintga10.txtWinter Games instruction manual
Winter Games commands.txtWinter Games commands guide (unofficial)
wingow10.txtWings of War manual
Wild_West_Seymour.txtWild West Seymour manual
wheeloffor.txtWheel Of Fortune manual
WEBDI10A.TXTWeb Dimension help file
wafofexfist.txtWay of the Exploding Fist manual
wastel10.txtWasteland manual and a Wasteland map
WARSH10A.TXTWarship manual, rev. A
warlan10.txtWar of the Lance manual
warhawk tips.txtWarhawk tips from original GFX designer!
wime.txtWar In Middle Earth (gamplay instructiond only)
wwfert10.txtWWF European Rampage Tour
Video_Card_Arcade.txtVideo Card Arcade manual
victry10.txtVictory Road Commodore instructions
Vendetta.txtVendetta manual
Valhalla-short.txtValhalla - short instructions
URIDUK10.TXTUridium (UK) manual
URIDAM10.TXTUridium (American) manual
UNTOUC10.TXTUntouchables manual
ORANG10A.TXTUnofficial Ocean Ranger Documentation
Lode Runner commands.txtUnofficial Lode Runner commands
acrojet.txtUnlock codes for Acrojet
Uninvited-hnts.txtUninvited-hnts instructions
Underwurlde.txtUnderwurlde instructions
ULYSS10.TXTUlysses and the Golden Fleece manual
ULT520A.TXTUltima V manual, rev. A and a Ultima V map
ULT620A.TXTUltima VI manual, rev. A
ult110a.txtUltima I manual, rev. A
ULT420A.TXTUltima IV manual, rev. A
ult210a.txtUltima II manual, rev. A
Ultma 3 spells.txtUltima III spells
ULT320A.TXTUltima III manual, rev. A
UN_Squadron.txtUN Squadron manual
UFO.txtUFO instructions
usaaf10.txtU.S.A.A.F. manual
twinky10.txtTwinky Goes Hiking
Tusker.txtTusker manual
turric10.txtTurrican manual
Turrican_II.txtTurrican II manual
Turbo_Out_Run.txtTurbo Out Run manual
Turbo Kart Racer.txtTurbo Kart Racer instructions
trumpc10.txtTrump Castle manual
Trolls n Tribulations.txtTrolls n Tribulations instructions
trolls.txtTrolls manuals
Trivial_Pursuit.txtTrivial Pursuit manual
TSFRB10.TXTTreasures of the Savage Frontier Rule Book
TSFAJ10.TXTTreasures of the Savage Frontier Adventure Journal
treasi10.txtTreasure Island manual
TreasureIslandDizzy.txtTreasure Island Dizzy manual
Treasure Island (brief).txtTreasure Island (brief)
TRANSF10.TXTTransformers manual
TFIELD10.TXTTrack & Field manual
TOYBZ10A.TXTToy Bizarre help file
Total_Recall.txtTotal Recall manual
TECLIP10.TXTTotal Eclipse manual
Top_Gun.txtTop Gun manual
TFUEL10A.TXTTop Fuel Eliminator help file
toothvic.txtTooth Invaders (Vic-20) manual
Toobin.txtToobin instructions
TOKI10.TXTToki manual
timesoflorecasload.txtTimes of Lore C64 Cassette Loading instructions
Time Scanner.txtTime Scanner manual
Thrust.txtThrust instructions
3STOOG10.TXTThree Stooges Quick Reference Card
wizoz10.txtThe Wizard of Oz manual
pawn10.txtThe Pawn: Hints and A Tale of Kerovnia
lninja10.txtThe Last Ninja instructions
The Last Ninja solution.txtThe Last Ninja Solution
The Last Ninja 3.txtThe Last Ninja 3 manual
hobbit10.txtThe Hobbit documentation
GAMESW10.TXTThe Games - Winter Edition documentation
Forest Of Doom.txtThe Forest Of Doom
eidolo10.txtThe Eidolon manual (Atari Version)
THDUEL10.TXTThe Duel instructions
DQKRB10.TXTThe Dark Queen of Krynn Rule Book
DQKAJ10.TXTThe Dark Queen of Krynn Adventure Journal
TERRA10.TXTTerra Cresta manual
TAPSH10A.TXTTemple of Apshai documentation (unofficial)
Temple of Apshai Trilogy.txtTemple of Apshai Trilogy instructions
tmntvc10.txtTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Verification Codes
TURTL210.TXTTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 manual
taucet10.txtTau Ceti manual
tass10a.txtTass Times in Tonetown book, rev. A
Task 3.txtTask 3 instructions
Target_Renegade.txtTarget Renegade manual
tanium10.txtTanium manual
Talladega.txtTalladega manual
Tales Of The Arabian Nights.txtTales Of The Arabian Nights instructions
sfargo10.txtSword of Fargoal
Sword_Slayer.txtSword Slayer manual
SWIFAM10.TXTSwiss Family Robinson manual
Superstar Ping Pong.txtSuperstar Ping Pong instructions
ssmash10.txtSuper Smash instructions
Super_Seymour_STP.txtSuper Seymour Saves the Planet manual
SUHUEY10.TXTSuper Huey manual
Super Hang On.txtSuper Hang On instructions
Super Dragon Slayer.txtSuper Dragon Slayer instructions
Summer Olympiad.txtSummer Olympiad instructions
sumgam10.txtSummer Games instruction manual
Summer Games II.txtSummer Games II instructions
SGAME210.TXTSummer Games II instruction manual
Summer Games II commands.txtSummer Games II commands (unofficial)
suicid10.txtSuicide Strike manual
Suicide Express.txtSuicide Express instructions
subcom10.txtSuburban Commando
SUBCO10A.TXTSubmarine Commander Documentation (unofficial)
Stuntman_Seymour.txtStuntman Seymour manual
strippoker2.txtStrip Poker II manual
Strip Poker-List of Models.txtStrip Poker - List of Models instructions
Strider_2.txtStrider II manual
Street Surfer.txtStreet Surfer instructions
Street Hassle (brief).txtStreet Hassle (brief instructions)
Street_Fighter_II.txtStreet Fighter II manual
STIFFL10.TXTStifflip & Co. manual
STARCR10.TXTStarcross manual
starwa10.txtStar Wars instructions
Star Ranger.txtStar Ranger instructions
Star Force.txtStar Force instructions
SFCODE10.TXTStarFlight code wheel
Fleet1.txtStar Fleet 1 (PC Version)
Star Control.txtStar Control manual
Staff Of Karnath.txtStaff Of Karnath manual (old unofficial version)
staffofkarnath.txtStaff Of Karnath manual
Squish em.txtSquish em instructions
Spy vs Spy3-Arctic Antics.txtSpy vs Spy3 - Arctic Antics instructions
SPYSPY10.TXTSpy vs. Spy manual
ISLCAP10.TXTSpy Vs Spy: The Island Caper manual
spyhunter.txtSpy Hunter
spriteman.txtSprite Man
sw8840.txtSports World '88 manual [Tag Team Wrestling, 4th & Inches, Snooker & Pool, Go for the Gold, Hardball, Water Polo, 10th Frame, and Leader Board]
SPORON10.TXTSports-A-Roni manual
Spitting_Image.txtSpitting Image manual
Spitfire_'40'.txtSpitfire '40' manual
SPIBO10A.TXTSpiderbot manual, rev. A
Spellboundv2.txtSpellboundv2 instructions
SpellboundDizzy.txtSpellbound Dizzy manual
sbmath10.txtSpeed/Bingo Math cartridge instructions
specag10.txtSpecial Agent
SPVIK10A.TXTSpace Viking documentation (Unofficial)
shuttle.txtSpace Shuttle manual
Space_Harrier_II.txtSpace Harrier II manual
Space_Gun.txtSpace Gun manual
SPARK10A.TXTSpace Ark instructions (unofficial)
souls.txtSouls of Darkon
Smash TV.txtSmash TV instructions
Slinky.txtSlinky instructions
Slicks.txtSlicks instructions
skyfox2.txtSkyfox II manual
6gunsh10.txtSix Gun Shootout softdox
simpsBVSM.txtSimpsons,_The - Bart Vs. The Space Mutants manual
Silent Service.txtSilent Service manual
Sigma Seven.txtSigma Seven instructions
shortcircuit.txtShort Circuit manual and Short Circuit map
Shark.txtShark instructions
shamus10.txtShamus manual (Atari Version)
SHABEA10.TXTShadow of the Beast manual
Shadow_Warriors.txtShadow Warriors manual
SHADOW10.TXTShadow Keep documentation
seymor10.txtSeymour Goes To Hollywood instructions
Sex Vixens From Space.txtSex Vixens From Space instructions
7CITIE10.TXTSeven Cities of Gold manual, etc.
Serpentine.txtSerpentine instructions
Sergeant_Seymour_Robotcop.txtSergeant Seymour Robotcop manual
sentinel.txtSentinel manual
SENTIN10.TXTSentinel manual
Sentinel.txtSentinel Worlds Users manual
Sentpara.txtSentinel Worlds Paragraphs
secal10.txtSecurity Alert manual and the code card
SSBRB10.TXTSecret of the Silver Blades Rule Book
SSBAJ10.TXTSecret of the Silver Blades Adventure Journal
Seaside Special.txtSeaside Special instructions
ScubaKidz.txtScuba Kidz manual
scramble64.txtScramble 64
scapeg10.txtScapeghost manual
savage10.txtSavage instructions and Technical Supplement
sargo210.txtSargon II manual
Salamander.txtSalamander instructions
SDI.txtSDI manual
scarab10.txtSCARABAEUS instructions
RYGAR10.TXTRygar manual
ruffreddyspace.txtRuff and Reddy in the Space Adventure
ROGRAB10.TXTRoger Rabbit manual
ROKNB10A.TXTRock n' Bolt help file
ROCKFO10.TXTRockford manual
rorang10.txtRocket Ranger manual
rrcode10.txtRocket Ranger Secret Decoder Wheel
RNW10.TXTRock 'N' Wrestle manual
robdawn.txtRobots of Dawn manual
ROBO310.TXTRoboCop 3 manual
rdwar2k.txtRoad War 2000
roadru10.txtRoad Runner
River Raid.txtRiver Raid instructions
Rim Runner.txtRim Runner instructions
RickDangerous.txtRick Dangerous manual
Rick_Dangerous_2.txtRick Dangerous 2 manual
reted10.txtReturn to Eden manual
rramas10.txtRendezvous with Rama manual
Red Storm Rising Keyboard Overlay.txtRed Storm Rising Keyboard Overlay
Red Heat.txtRed Heat manual
recklessrufus.txtReckless Rufus manual
Rasputin.txtRasputin instructions
Ranarama.txtRanarama instructions
RAMBO10.TXTRambo First Blood Part II manual
rallydriver.txtRally Driver (Amstrad version) manual and a Rally Driver map
RainbowIslands.txtRainbow Islands manual
robb10.txtRaid on Bungeling Bay instructions
raidom10.txtRaid Over Moscow instructions, Atari version
Raid Over Moscow.txtRaid Over Moscow instructions
Raid Over Moscow commands.txtRaid Over Moscow commands
racds10.txtRacing Destruction Set manual
RBI_2_Baseball.txtRBI 2 Baseball manual
rtype10.txtR-Type instructions
quest210.txtQuestron II - History, Tales & Monsters and Command Card
quest110.txtQuestron - Command Card and The Book of Questron's History, Tales and Monsters
QuestForTheHolyGrail.txtQuest For The Holy Grail manual with a map to your quest
QUEDEX10.TXTQuedex manual
Puffys Saga (partial).txtPuffys Saga (partial) instructions
psi5tc10.txtPsi 5 Trading Co.
pfires10.txtProject Firestart manual
projstel.txtProject: Stealth Fighter
Prohibition.txtProhibition instructions
PRINC10A.TXTPrince of Persia manual, rev. A
president.txtPresident manual
predtr10.txtPredator Player's Guide
powdri10.txtPower Drift manual
Poster Paster.txtPoster Paster instructions
PORTL10A.TXTPortal help file
Popeye.txtPopeye manual
popeye2.txtPopeye 2 manual
PODRB10.TXTPools of Darkness Rule Book
PODAJ10.TXTPools of Darkness Adventure Journal
PORRB10.TXTPool of Radiance Rule Book
PORAJ10.TXTPool of Radiance Adventure Book and a little translation help
Pole Position.txtPole Position instructions
polarpierre.txtPolar Pierre
platoo10.txtPlatoon instruction manual
Pit-Fighter.txtPit-Fighter manual and Programme
pirate20.txtPirates! manual and maps: original scan, re-colored and original b/w scan
Pirates! - Treasure Fleet & Silver Train Notes.txtPirates! - Treasure Fleet & Silver Train Dates
Pipelines2.txtPipelines 2 manual
pinbsp10.txtPinball Spectacular instructions
Pictionary.txtPictionary manual
phaota10.txtPhantom of the Asteroids manual
phant310.txtPhantasie III: The Wrath of Nikademus rulebook
phantasi.txtPhantasie 1 & 2 Spells Table
phan1210.txtPhantasie 1 & 2 Rulebook
pmason10.txtPerry Mason manual
Pastfinder.txtPastfinder instructions
parkpa20.txtPark Patrol instructions and help file
Paratroopers.txtParatroopers instructions
pdroid10.txtParadroid instructions
Panther.txtPanther instructions
PanicDizzy.txtPanic Dizzy manual
Pang.txtPang instructions
paclan10.txtPac-Land instructions
PHM Pegasus.txtPHM Pegasus manual
outrun.txtOut Run manual
Out_Run_Europa.txtOut Run Europa manual
oubliette_manual.docOubliette manual (DOC-Version)
oubman.txtOubliette manual
Orm_and_Cheep.txtOrm and Chep manual
Orbitron.txtOrbitron instructions
Operation Wolf.txtOperation Wolf instructions
Operation_Thunderbolt.txtOperation Thunderbolt manual
opmg10.txtOperation Market Garden manual
ophorm10.txtOperation Hormuz
One Hundred and Eighty.txtOne Hundred and Eighty instructions
omega10.txtOmega documentation: OSI New Personnel Guide, OSI Reference Guide
OlliesFollies.txtOllies Follies manual
Olli and Lissa.txtOlli and Lissa instructions
OfficialFatherChristmas.txtOfficial Father Christmas, The
natl8610.txtNorth Atlantic '86 manual
NORSOU10.TXTNorth & South manual
Nodes of Yesod.txtNodes of Yesod instructions
Ninja_Rabbits.txtNinja Rabbits manual
9amber10.txtNine Princes in Amber manual
nights10.txtNightshift manual
Nightshade.txtNightshade instructions
NewZealandStory.txtNew Zealand Story
New York City.txtNew York City instructions
Neverending Story.txtNeverending Story instructions
NEUCOD10.TXTNeuromancer Verification Codes
NEUQRC10.TXTNeuromancer Quick Reference Card
NEUHIN10.TXTNeuromancer Hint Book
Nemesis The Warlock.txtNemesis The Warlock instructions
necrom10.txtNecromancer manual (Atari Version)
NAVYSE10.TXTNavy Seals manual
Navy_Moves.txtNavy Moves manual
natoco10.txtNato Commander manual
NARC.txtNARC manual
Myth-History In The Making.txtMyth - History In The Making instructions
MysteryOfTheIndusValley.txtMystery Of The Indus Valley manual
MUTANT10.TXTMutants manual
Murder_on_the_Zinderneuf.txtMurder On The Zinderneuf, The
murderbydozen.txtMurder By The Dozen
muncher.txtMuncher, The manual
MrFreeze.txtMr Freeze manual
Morpheus.txtMorpheus instructions has a System Reference Card 1 and Card 2
moondu10.txtMoondust documentation
mooncr10.txtMoon Cresta instructions
MontyPythonsFlyingCircus.txtMonty Python's Flying Circus manual
Monty Plays Scrabble.txtMonty Plays Scrabble
monop10.txtMonopoly guide
Molecule_Man.txtMolecule Man manual
MoleculeMan.txtMolecule Man manual
MODWAR10.TXTModem Wars manual
MISAST10.TXTMission Asteroid manual
MINPUT10.TXTMini-Putt manual
MINDWH10.TXTMindwheel manual
mam110.txtMight and Magic Book One: Secret of the Inner Sanctum instructions
mam210.txtMight & Magic II: Gates to Another World manual
Midnight_Resistance.txtMidnight Resistance manual
Miamiv10.txtMiami Vice docs and Miami Vice map
Mercenary2- The Second City.txtMercenary 2 - The Second City instructions
Mercenary1- Escape From Targ.txtMercenary 1 - Escape From Targ instructions and its map
MegaStarforceRemix.txtMegaS tarforce Remix instructions
Mega Apocalypse.txtMega Apocalypse instructions
Medieval Lords.txtMedieval Lords instructions
meanst10.txtMean Streets
mcdon10.txtMcDonald Land instructions
Mayhem in Monsterland.txtMayhem in Monsterland manual
mayday.txtMayday Squad Heroes
Matchpoint.txtMatchpoint instructions
MOTL11A.TXTMaster of the Lamps help file, rev. A
Master Of Magic.txtMaster Of Magic, The instructions
masterch.txtMaster Chess manual
marsag10.txtMars Saga manual
mmcsc10.txtMarble Madness Command Summary Card
Manic Miner.txtManic Miner instructions
mailorder.txtMail Order Monsters instructions
MagicLandDizzy.txtMagic Land Dizzy manual
MagicCarpet.txtMagic Carpet manual
MAGMAX10.TXTMag Max instruction
MadNurse.txtMad Nurse manual
Mad Mix Game.txtMad Mix Game manual
expeditions.txtMECC Expeditions
MULE10.TXTM.U.L.E. Player's Guide, package, Command Summary Card, and emulator keys
Lunar Outpost.txtLunar Outpost manual
lotuse10.txtLotus Esprit Turbo Challenge instructions
Lords of Midnight.txtLords of Midnight manual. Several maps in our Maps section!
lodrun10.txtLode Runner manual
LittleComputerPeople.txtLittle Computer People manual
LCP11A.TXTLittle Computer People help file, rev. A
Lightforce.txtLightforce manual
Leviathan.txtLeviathan manual
letscr10.txtLetter Scrambler instructions
lemmin10.txtLemmings manual with codes
Legend of the Amazon Women.txtLegend of the Amazon Women manual
blacksilver.txtLegend of Black Silver
lota10a.txtLegacy of the Ancients manual, rev. A
LACODE11.TXTLegacy of the Ancients code wheel
lbexed10.txtLeader Board Executive Edition manual
lemans10.txtLe Mans instructions
lazarn10.txtLazarian instructions
lninj210.txtLast Ninja 2, Back With A Vengeance, Player's Guide
LASTMI10.TXTLast Mission manual
Labyrinth.txtLabyrinth manual
LACrack.txtLA Crackdown
L'Affaire Vera Cruz.txtL'Affaire Vera Cruz manual
KwikSnax.txtKwik Snax manual
kunfu210.txtKung-Fu 2, Sticks of Death instructions
korift10.txtKoronis Rift manual (Atari Version)
KONAMI10.TXTKonami's Arcade Collection documentation Yie Are Kung Fu, Yie Are Kung Fu II, Hyper Sports, Green Beret, Mikie, Ping Pong, Iron Horse, Shaolin's Road, Nemesis, Jail Break]
Knightmare.txtKnightmare manual
KnightTyme.txtKnightTyme manual
killed11.txtKilled Until Dead manual
Kikstart2.txtKikstart manual
Kikstart.txtKikstart 2 and Course Designer manual
kickoff.txtKick Off manual
kennap10.txtKennedy Approach manual
keithvansoccer.txtKeith Van Eron's Pro Soccer - Quickstart instructions
karnov10.txtKarnov instruction manual
Karateka - Walk Thru.txtKarateka - Walkthrough
Kane.txtKane manual
KGRUPP10.TXTKampfgruppe manual
Kaiv.txtKaiv manual
junglh10.txtJungle Hunt instructions
jumpma10.txtJumpman instruction manual
JRPAC10.TXTJr. Pac-Man manual
joeblade.txtJoe Blade manual
Jocky Wilson's Darts Compendium.txtJocky Wilson's Darts Compendium manual
JetSetWilly.txtJetSetWilly manual
JetSetWilly2.txtJetSetWilly 2 manual
JETCOM10.TXTJet Combat Simulator manual
James Bond.txtJames Bond manual
licenc10.txtJames Bond 007: Licence to Kill instructions
Jack the Ripper.txtJack the Ripper manual
Jack the Nipper II.txtJack the Nipper II manual
Jack the Nipper II (Hints).txtJack the Nipper II Hints
Its Magic.txtIt's Magic manual
Into The Eagles Nest.txtInto The Eagles Nest manual
International Karate.txtInternational Karate manual
International Karate Plus.txtInternational Karate Plus manual
Injured Engine.txtInjured Engine manual
ingrid.txtIngrid's Back manual
Infiltrator.txtInfiltrator manual
Indoor Sports.txtIndoor Sports manual
amazingmanual.txtIn Search of the Most Amazing
IMPMIS10.TXTImpossible Mission manual
IMPMI210.TXTImpossible Mission II manual
impgal10.txtImperium Galactum manual
Ikari Warriors.txtIkari Warriors manual
I-Alien.txtI-Alien manual
IBALL210.TXTI, Ball II (The Quest for the Past) manual
Hysteria.txtHysteria manual
HuxleyPig.txtHuxley Pig
Hustler.txtHustler manual
HUNTRO10.TXTHunt for Red October manual
Hunter Killer 64.txtHunter Killer 64 manual
HMOON10.TXTHunter's Moon instruction manual
humanr.txtHuman Race, The
Hudson_Hawk.txtHudson Hawk manual
Hollywood_or_Bust.txtHollywood or Bust manual
HITCH10.TXTHitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy manual
zorkh10.txtHints for Zork, from the Hint Book for The Lost Treasures of Infocom (Amiga version)
High Rollers.txtHigh Rollers manual
hifron10.txtHigh Frontier
heroeslance.txtHeroes of the Lance manual
heroq210.txtHero Quest: Return of the Witch Lord
hekcsc10.txtHektik Command Summary Card
hofafr10.txtHeart of Africa
Headache.txtHeadache manual
Harrier_Attack.txtHarrier Attack manual
Hard Drivin.txtHard Drivin manual
HangmanIII.txtHangman III manual
hallth10.txtHalls of the Things
HACKR10A.TXTHacker help file, rev. A
HERO.txtHERO manual
Gyroscope.txtGyroscope manual
Gyropod.txtGyropod manual
gunsta10.txtGunstar manual
gunshi10.txtGunship manual
Guardian_Angel.txtGuardian Angel manual
GUADAL10.TXTGuadalcanal Campaign manual
Gryzor.txtGryzor manual
Gryphon.txtGryphon manual
GRUDS10.TXTGruds in Space manual
GACCR10A.TXTGreat American Cross-Country Road Race help file
GPRIXS10.TXTGrand Prix Simulator manual
Grand Prix Simulator 2.txtGrand Prix Simulator 2 manual
grmosl10.txtGrand Monster Slam manual
Grand_Master.txtGrand Master manual
GrabACrab.txtGrab A Crab manual
Golden_Axe.txtGolden Axe manual
Ghouls.txtGhouls manual
GhostsNGoblins.txtGhosts N Goblins manual
ghostb10.txtGhostbusters instructions
Ghost Chaser.txtGhost Chaser manual
Ghettoblaster.txtGhettoblaster manual
Gemini_Wing.txtGemini Wing manual
GAUNT10.TXTGauntlet manual
Gauntlet 2.txtGauntlet 2 manual
GATO10A.TXTGato instructions (unofficial)
gtsfrulebook.txtGateway to the Savage Frontier Rule Book
GSFRB10.TXTGateway to the Savage Frontier Rule Book
GSFAJ10.TXTGateway to the Savage Frontier Adventure Journal
Garfield_Winter's_Tail.txtGarfield - Winter's Tail manual
Gangster.txtGangster manual
GameMakerManual.rtfGameMaker manual (RTF version)
GameMakerManual.txtGameMaker manual
Galactic_Games.txtGalactic Games manual
funpla10.txtFun Play C64GS cartridge manual [Fast Food, Pro Tennis, Pro Skateboard]
frogger64.txtFrogger 64
frenesis.txtFrenesis manual
Fort Apocalypse.txtFort Apocalypse manual
fortap10.txtFort Apocalypse
forwor10.txtForgotten Worlds manual
force110.txtForce One
Flying Shark.txtFlying Shark manual
FSHARK10.TXTFlying Shark manual
Flying_Feathers.txtFlying Feathers manual
Flash Gordon.txtFlash Gordon manual
Fire n Forget 2 Quick Ref.txtFire n Forget 2 Quick Reference
findke10.txtFinders Keepers instructions
Fighter Pilot.txtFighter Pilot manual
FPILOT10.TXTFighter Pilot manual
50misn10.txtFifty Mission Crush manual
FEUD10.TXTFeud manual
FastFood.txtFast Food manual
fastbr10.txtFast Break manual
FantasyWorldDizzy.txtFantasy World Dizzy manual
falcon.txtFalcon: The Renegade Lord
f45110.txtFahrenheit 451 manual
F16 Combat Pilot-Quick Ref.txtF16 Combat Pilot-Quick Reference
F-15 SE codes.txtF-15 SE Authentication Codes
F-14 Tomcat Ctrls.txtF-14 Tomcat Controls
Exploding Fist plus.txtExploding Fist plus manual
Exodus.txtExodus manual
exile.txtExile manual
EAPLA10A.TXTEurope Ablaze Player's manual, rev. A
EADES10A.TXTEurope Ablaze Design manual, rev. A
Eureka walk thru.txtEureka walkthrough
ESSEX10.TXTEssex manual
Erebus.txtErebus manual
Eon.txtEon manual
entombedv1.txtEntombed manual (unofficial)
entombed.txtEntombed manual
Energy_Warrior.txtEnergy Warrior manual
ZORKEN10.TXTEnchanter background docs, Zork related
Emlyn Hughes.txtEmlyn Hughes manual
ELITE11.TXTElite manual
darkw10.txtElite: The Dark Wheel
Elektraglide.txtElektraglide manual
dynwar10.txtDynasty Wars
Dunzhin.txtDunzhin manual
Druid.txtDruid manual
Dropzone.txtDropzone manual
DREAD10A.TXTDreadnoughts instruction manual, rev. A
dragw10.txtDragonworld manual
drpern10.txtDragonriders of Pern manual (Atari Version)
DRAGWA10.TXTDragon Wars ref. card and manual
Dragon_Spirit.txtDragon Spirit manual
dragsl10.txtDragon Slayer instructions
Drag Race Eliminator.txtDrag Race Eliminator manual
ddragn10.txtDouble Dragon manual
Dorothy Millard.txtDorothy Millard manual
Doomdark's Revenge tips&cheats.txtDoomdark's Revenge tips & cheats
Doomdark's Revenge.txtDoomdark's Revenge manual with a box map, north icemark and south icemark map
DizzyPrinceOfTheYolkFolk.txtDizzy Prince Of The Yolk Folk manual
DizzyDownTheRapids.txtDizzy Down The Rapids manual
DINOE10A.TXTDino Eggs instructions
diamfornotes.txtDiamonds are Forever notes
Destroyer.txtDestroyer manual
DestroyerEscort.txtDestroyerEscort manual
DESESC10.TXTDestroyer Escort manual
Desolator.txtDesolator manual
Desert Fox.txtDesert Fox manual
demonstalkers.txtDemon Stalkers manual
dscode10.txtDemon Stalkers code wheel
demwin10.txtDemon's Winter
Delta Man.txtDelta Man manual
DELTA210.TXTDelta II - Armalyte manual
Defender of the Crown.txtDefender of the Crown manual
defend10.txtDefender manual (Atari Version)
Deep Space.txtDeep Space manual
Deceptor.txtDeceptor manual
DECAT10A.TXTDecathlon help file
deathwish3.txtDeathWish III manual
DKKRB10.TXTDeath Knights of Krynn Rule Book
DKKAJ10.TXTDeath Knights of Krynn Adventure Journal
Dark Star.txtDark Star manual
Danger Mouse in BFC.txtDanger Mouse in the Black Forest Chateau manual
DancingMonster.txtDancing Monster manual
Daley Thompson's Super Test.txtDaley Thompson's Super Test manual
Daley Thompson's Decathlon.txtDaley Thompson's Decathlon manual
daleka10.txtDalek Attack
cabrulebook.txtCurse of the Azure Bonds Rule Book
CABRB10.TXTCurse of the Azure Bonds Rule Book
CABAJ10.TXTCurse of the Azure Bonds Adventure Journal
Crystal Kingdom Dizzy.txtCrystal Kingdom Dizzy manual and Dizzy map
CRITMA10.TXTCritical Mass manual
CRIMET10.TXTCrime Time manual and map
CRIME10.TXTCrime And Punishment manual
crazykong.txtCrazy Kong manual
Crazy Comets.txtCrazy Comets manual
CDTSD10.TXTCountdown to Shutdown documentation
countduckula.txtCount Duckula manual
Cosmic Tunnels.txtCosmic Tunnels manual
cosrel10.txtCosmic Relief instructions
COSBAL10.TXTCosmic Balance documentation
coolwo10.txtCool World
CONGO10.TXTCongo-Bongo manual
Confuzion.txtConfuzion manual
civcodes.txtConflict in Vietnam codes
CONAN10.TXTConan The Barbarian manual
compam10.txtComputer Ambush manual
comndo10.txtCommando instructions
Combat School.txtCombat School manual
comlea10.txtCombat Leader manual
COBRAC10.TXTCobra manual
ClownsVic20.txtClowns (Vic 20) manual
ClownsC64.txtClowns (C64) manual
Cliff Hanger.txtCliff Hanger manual
ChuckieEgg.txtChuckie Egg manual
Chomp.txtChomp manual
Chip's Challenge.txtChip's Challenge manual
Chiller.txtChiller manual
CM210010.TXTChessmaster 2100 manual
chess2ins.txtChess 2.0 instructions
COKRB10.TXTChampions of Krynn Rule Book
COKAJ10.TXTChampions of Krynn Adventure Journal
Championship Wrestling.txtChampionship Wrestling manual
CHAINR10.TXTChain Reaction manual
Cell Defense.txtCell Defense manual
Caverns of Eriban.txtCaverns of Eriban manual
Cauldron.txtCauldron manual
Cauldron2.txtCauldron 2 manual
castle10.txtCastlevania manual
Castles of Dr Creep.txtCastles of Dr Creep manual
CastleWolfenstein.txtCastle Wolfenstein Docs
caforc10.txtCarrier Force manual
Cardshrk.txtCard Shark
Captain Zapp.txtCaptain Zapp manual
capfiz10.txtCaptain Fizz manual
Capt Blood.txtCapt Blood manual
calgam10.txtCalifornia Games instructions
CHQ210.TXTCHASE H.Q. 2 manual
c64gs10.txtC64 Games System Software manual
clavie10.txtC'est La Vie manual (Atari Version)
Bull's Eye.txtBull's Eye manual
Buggy Boy.txtBuggy Boy manual
Bugaboo The Flea.txtBugaboo The Flea manual and Bugaboo The Flea map
brcdrb10.txtBuck Rogers Countdown to Doomsday RULE BOOK
brcdlb10.txtBuck Rogers Countdown to Doomsday LOG BOOK
brcddc10.txtBuck Rogers Countdown to Doomsday DATA CARD
BubbleDizzy.txtBubble Dizzy manual
BubbleBobble.txtBubble Bobble manual
BRUCEL10.TXTBruce Lee manual and Bruce Lee map
BRIMST10.TXTBrimstone manual
ardenn10.txtBreakthrough in the Ardennes manual
BREAKR10.TXTBreakers manual
boubob10.txtBounty Bob Strikes Back manual (Atari version)
Bounder.txtBounder manual
Bounces.txtBounces manual
BoulderdashConstructionKit.txtBoulderdash Construction Kit manual with Boulder Dash Cave2Bitmap (PC Program) available
bdashk10.txtBoulder Dash Construction Kit manual (Atari Version) with Boulder Dash Cave2Bitmap (PC Program) available
Boulderdash2.txtBoulder Dash 2 - Rockford's Revenge manual with Boulder Dash Cave2Bitmap (PC Program) available
Booty.txtBooty manual
bookde10.txtBook of the Dead
bonbro10.txtBonanza Bros
Bombjack.txtBombjack manual
bombal10.txtBomb Alley Rule Book
blupri10.txtBlue Print cartridge instructions
BLUMAX10.TXTBlue Max manual
bng10.txtBlood'n Guts
BLADEB10.TXTBlade of Blackpoole manual
Blackwyche.txtBlackwyche manual
Black Tiger.txtBlack Tiger manual
Black_Hornet.txtBlack Hornet manual
Bionic Commando.txtBionic Commando manual and Bionic Commando map
BeyondTheIcePalace.txtBeyond The Ice Palace manual has map 1, map 2 and map 3
beyondtheforbiddenforest.txtBeyond The Forbidden Forest
Beyond Castle Wolfenstein.txtBeyond Castle Wolfenstein manual
beroot10.txtBelow the Root manual. Several maps and generator in our Maps section!
beamri20.txtBeamrider instructions and help file
beachh10.txtBeach Head manual
Beach Head II.txtBeach Head II manual
BEACH210.TXTBeach Head II manual
bazoob10.txtBazooka Bill instructions
Battle Valley.txtBattle Valley manual
BATGRP10.TXTBattle Group manual
BATCOM10.TXTBattle Command manual
BATMOV10.TXTBatman The Movie instruction sheet
Batman The Caped Crusader.txtBatman The Caped Crusader manual
Basil The great mouse detective.txtBasil The great mouse detective manual
BARDT110.TXTBards Tale manual
BA2MAP10.TXTBards Tale II City Maps (unofficial)
BT310.TXTBard's Tale III: Thief of Fate manual
BT3CSC10.TXTBard's Tale III: Thief of Fate Command Summary Card
BT3COD10.TXTBard's Tale III: Thief of Fate Code Wheel
BT2CSC10.TXTBard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight Command Summary Card
BT210.TXTBard's Tale 2 manual
Barbarian.txtBarbarian manual
BangkokKnights.txtBangkok Knights manual
Backgammon.txtBackgammon manual
BMX Simulator.txtBMX Simulator manual
BMX_Simulator_2.txtBMX Simulator 2 manual
BMXRacers.txtBMXRacers manual
GROGRV10.TXTB.C.II Grog's Revenge manual
AZTEC10.TXTAztec manual
AZTCHA10.TXTAztec Challenge instructions
AXRAGE10.TXTAxe of Rage manual
Automania.txtAutomania manual
Attack of the Phantom Karate Devils.txtAttack of the Phantom Karate Devils manual
AMC.TXTAttack of the Mutant Camels manual
atoins.txtAttack On Windscale instructions
Astroblaster.txtAstroblaster manual
Asterix and the Magic Cauldron.txtAsterix and the Magic Cauldron manual has Asterix and the Magic Cauldron map
Arnie.txtArnie manual
Army Days.txtArmy Days manual
Armourdillo.txtArmourdillo manual
armage10.txtArmageddon manual
Armageddon.txtArmageddon manual
Ardok the Barbarian.txtArdok the Barbarian manual links to Asterix and the Magic Cauldron.txt and has Asterix and the Magic Cauldron map
Arctic Fox.txtArctic Fox manual
Arc of Yesod.txtArc of Yesod manual
archon10.txtArchon manual (Atari XEGS Cartridge version)
Archondocs.txtArchon manual
archo210.txtArchon II manual
Arac.txtArac manual
apollo10.txtApollo 18 QUICK REFERENCE Guide
androi10.txtAndroid Control instructions
American_3D_Pool.txtAmerican 3D Pool manual
ICEHOC10.TXTAmerican (Superstar) Ice Hockey
amazon10.txtAmazon manual
altrea10.txtAlternate Reality, The City - Guidebook
alteredbeast.txtAltered Beast manual
altego10.txtAlter Ego manual
alisyn10.txtAlien Syndrome manual
Alien3.txtAlien3 manual
alice10.txtAlice in Wonderland manual
AliceInVideoland.txtAlice In Videoland manual
ALCAZ10A.TXTAlcazar manual
alcazar.txtAlcazar help file
Airwolf.txtAirwolf manual
airbor10.txtAirborne Ranger Field manual and Supplement
agoad110.txtAge of Adventure manual
After the War.txtAfter the War manual
aftbur10.txtAfterburner manual
ACS10A.TXTAdventure Construction Set instructions (unofficial)
Addams_Family.txtAddams Family manual
afight10.txtAction Fighter manual
ActionBiker.txtAction Biker manual
ACROJT10.TXTAcro Jet manual
ACE10.TXTAce of Aces documentation
viewtoakill.txtA View to a Kill manual
ATV Simulator.txtATV Simulator manual
APB.txtAPB - All Points Bulletin manual
1985 The day After.txt1985 The Day After manual
1942.txt1942 manual
1000mi10.txt1000 Miglia: The Official Simulator manual
221BBakerCase.txt221 B Baker St. instructions
221BBakerStIns.txt221 B Baker St. Case Book
5thgear.txt5th gear manual
4thprotocolhints.txt4th Protocol, The - password hints