Welcome to Project 64

Project 64  is a web page dedicated to preserving old documents related to CBM machines (particularly 8 bit machines). Here you will find many documents relating to hardware and software of these classic computers. Use the links below to navigate the site. I REALLY recommend that you use the graphics version of the site if possible, you are missing out on content (eg latest info and  realtime stats)!

There is also an place on the sever for storing games maps. It can be accessed from:

Download (HTTP): http://project64.c64.org/maps/

There you will find JPEG maps for games such as Below the Root, Cybernoid and more! You are also welcome to send in any maps that you may have.

If you wish to contact me please read the FAQ before you mail me, you will find my e-mail address on that page too. Project 64 is kept alive by people sending in documents that they may find or type in. If you could send in any documents that you may have that would be GREAT! You can e-mail me at project64@project64.c64.EYEBALLS.org , remove eyeballs to make the address valid (spam protection)

Site Sections:

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Project 64 is an official member of the Commodore Re/ring.