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Welcome to Project 64, the most comprehensive source for Commodore Computer manuals on the internet!. Here you will find manuals for everything Commodore, from games to hardware. Browse to the Archive page to view the docs.  If you experience any problems with the site or have any comments  please contact me.

What's New (date format is dd-mm-yyyy, BTW)

  1. OK the PDFs from Midnight Son are here! All 11 of them! Check out HERE. 24-10-2004
  2. More docs in the the works - thanks to Midnight Son! PDFs of "Anatomy of the 1541" and more will be here soon! 14-10-2004
  3. 1571 RAMBoard Manual added. 29-06-2004
  4. Manuals still wanted, send 'em in! One more doc added. As usual, the list is HERE 24-06-2004
  5. We just had a bandwidth upgrade, hope the site is faster for you now! :). 20-02-2004
  6. Couple more peripheral docs added. 12-02-2004
  7. Added AproSpand-64 port replicator manual. Have a great Christmas! If you like to play bingo why not play the Christmas version 24-12-2003
  8. Added a few more games docs, the list is HERE. 14-12-2003
  9. Added a couple of hardware docs I stumbled across. Come on guys, games docs are nice but we need hardawre info too!! 5-12-2003
  10. More docs added. Once again, the list is HERE. 2-12-2003
  11. Pirates and Terramex maps added, more docs to come soon. 19-11-2003
  12. Contact email has changed back to the original address. 15-11-2003
  13. Miami Vice map added (very nice, thanks Billybit) 10-10-2003
  14. Sorry for the long wait, more docs again. The list is HERE 01-10-2003
  15. Way of the Exploding Fist 2 map added, more games docs will be added when I get some time. 16-06-2003
  16. More games docs again, list is HERE 04-06-2003
  17. More docs again, list is HERE 22-05-2003
  18. More game docs added, as usual list is HERE Keep 'em coming! 17-05-2003
  19. Many more game docs added, list is HERE 07-02-2003
  20. Couple more docs added, list is HERE 01-12-2002
  21. These pages are gradually moving to a new server. If you notice anything strange/not working/slow please tell me!
  22. One more doc added, come on people, send me some docs! 09-09-2002
  23. Top 20 downloads added to stats page. Shifted game maps to archive page. We passed 200,000 visitors since 2000! 01-9-2002
  24. Stats page added 25-08-2002
  25. More docs added, list is HERE. More slight page modifications. 12-08-2002
  26. Pictures changed on the archive page. I hope it looks a bit neater now. 11-08-2002
  27. Some docs that I missed last run were added, as always the list is HERE. Thanks to all those who have been sending in their manuals! If you have any Commodore related manuals please contribute to the project by converting them to e-text!10-08-2002
  28. My e-mail address has changed! The new one is on the contacts page. More docs have been added. Google engine was added to search page. (01-08-2002)
  29. Tidbit's changed, now the FTP is working again with my ISP I'll add some more docs! (18-04-2002)
  30. Page updated! Sorry about the delay, blame Windows Me and slots online. More docs added see list HERE) (12-07-2001)
  31. Search feature now works (well, it's supposed to)!!! (24-05-2001)
  32. More docs and maps have been added (see the list HERE) Dead links fixed (04-05-2001)
  33. Changed to new Commodore Ring, major update in the next few days.... (22-04-2001)
  34. Few dead links fixed, some revision to pages. More gifts coming soon (10-03-2001)
  35. More docs have been added (see the list HERE) (04-03-2001)
  36. More docs have been added (see the list HERE) (03-03-2001)
  37. Game maps (ex FTP area) has been modified. Nobody has sent anymore docs in :(   Search engine is being worked on.... (23-02-2001)
  38. We passed to 50,000 visitor mark (visitors since I took over the page)
  39. More docs have been added (see the list HERE) (11-01-2001)
  40. This layout :)
  41. FTP Area with maps (please feel free to upload any that you have!)
  42.  Text only version for all you lynx users (or speed demons :)

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