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Non-Dox Related Questions

  1. Why do I have this page? Just don't have enough time to answer all the questions about non-dox 64 related stuff. A good place to ask general questions and learn a lot of stuff is the comp.sys.cbm newsgroup. The simplest way to read the newsgroup is at newsone.net or groups.google.com Hopefully this will help you find what you need.

    Also, Project Commodore/Project 64 is not my job it is a hobby.  PLEASE DO NOT think that this is an organization or company of some sort, it's just me all by myself, and I'm not in it for profit, because there isn't any. 

  2. Wanna know where you can get an emulator? Try the emulator section at Funet.
  3. How about downloading some games? Definitely goto Martin Pugh's, or check out Arnold ftp.
  4. Need to search for something? Try Christian Janoff's Commodore FTP Search.
  5. Desperate for a game hint / cheat?
    Martin Brunner's Solutions and Walkthroughs for C64 Games
    The Great C64 Cheats Compendium
  6. Care to buy / sell original hardware or software?
    used original titles at Centsible Software
    Jim Brain's C= And Swap
    Online Auctions Ebay.com
  7. Need a specific technical article? Find it at The Commodore Knowledge Base.
  8. Having hardware problems? Ask C= repair guru Ray Carlsen.
  9. Looking for schematics? Peek into Funet's schematic vault.
  10. Try asking your peers in Usenet Newsgroups
    comp.sys.cbm | read the FAQ at faqs.org | or read the FAQ at MIT
    comp.emulators.cbm | read the FAQ at faqs.org | or read the FAQ at MIT

Dox Questions

  1. Why etext only and no graphics? Project 64 concentrates on electronic *text*. I want to keep the dox at the lowest possible common denominator, plain old vanilla ascii text with no special chars so it could be read on *any* platform. One might need special viewers for graphics files. Then what format to standardize on? Many things in diagrams actually can be expressed in terms of ascii-art, but for sheer art quality, the art is lost. Another thing, I don't have the space to hold graphics files.
  2. Why English only? English seems to be like a universal language, sort of a lowest common denominator, like the way plain old ascii etext is the bare minimum to convey the information. As ascii etext is universal to many platforms, so is English to many people. Besides, English is *my* native language. You can reach International Project 64 which hosts non-English versions.

Project Info

Project Commodore/Project 64 is not my job it is a hobby. A hobby is something you do in your spare time, so if there isn't any spare time then the page may not get updated for a while, of course I'll try not to let that happen. PLEASE DO NOT think that this is an organization or company of some sort, it's just me all by myself. This is a non-profit project.

The goal of Project 64 is to preserve Commodore 64 related documents in electronic text format that might otherwise cease to exist with the rapid advancement of computer technology and declining interest in 8-bit computers on the part of the general population. If you would like to help by converting C64 related hardcopy documents to electronic texts please contact the manager of Project 64.
Extensive efforts were made to preserve the contents of the original document. However, certain portions, such as diagrams, program listings, and indexes may have been either altered or sacrificed due to the limitations of plain vanilla text. Diagrams may have been eliminated where ASCII-art was not feasible. Program listings may be missing display codes where substitutions were not possible. Tables of contents and indexes may have been changed from page number references to section number references. Please accept our apologies for these limitations, alterations, and possible omissions.
The author(s) of the original document and members of Project 64 make no representations about the accuracy or suitability of this material for any purpose. This etext is provided "as-is". Please refer to the waranty of the original document, if any, that may included in this etext. No other warranties, express or implied, are made to you as to the etext or any medium it may be on. Neither the author(s) nor the members of Project 64 will assume liability for damages either from the direct or indirect use of this etext or from the distribution of or modification to this etext. Therefore if you read this document or use the information herein you do so at your own risk.

Hope that Helps.


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