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This page is the "gateway" to all the docs. They are categorized to make finding them easier. Note: If you can't find a manual then try looking in the page for a different machine It might be there if it works with that machine too.

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Commodore 64 (docs relating to the C64 itself)

Commodore 128(docs relating to the C128 itself)

Amiga (docs relating to the Amiga itself)

Other Software docs and books  

 History of Project 64

Other Commodore Machines (hardware docs relating to other CBM machines eg C65 SX-64)


Peripherals (docs relating to peripherals eg disk drives printers)

Games Games GAMES!!

Games Dox 

Game maps and other game related images (JPEG maps for games such as Below the Root Cybernoid and more! Please email in any maps that you may have scanned)

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